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Academics and Instruction

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Curriculum Maps

A map is an important tool for keeping you and your family on track when taking a long road trip. Likewise, on the long road to a high school diploma, "curriculum maps" are an equally important tool, helping teachers navigate the twists and turns of curriculum, covering the appropriate content while making smooth connections from one grade level to the next.

Throughout the Liberty Central School District, teachers and administrators have developed logical and efficient "maps" of what will be taught in core subject areas, at each grade level, at generally consistent times in each school year.

This strategic and purposeful analysis of curriculum is helping to highlight gaps in instruction as well as unnecessary redundancies. It is also helping to improve communication and consistency from one teacher to the next, both within and between grade levels.

As teachers and administrators analyze data on student achievement, curriculum maps also help pinpoint areas of weakness. For example, recent standardized tests show that math computation skills among students are not as strong as they should be. With this kind of performance data, teachers — as a group — can go back and look at where and when these skills are currently being taught and decide where and when it makes sense to spend more time on these skills.

Curriculum maps will also be a useful tool for parents. Maps will allow them to see at a glance precisely what their child will be taught at each grade level. Eventually, these maps will also point out what assessments will be used to measure knowledge and skills and show how the curriculum connects from one grade to the next.

All maps will evolve over time, reflecting continuous efforts to refine and improve the curriculum throughout the district.

High School Curriculum Maps

Middle School Curriculum Maps

Elementary School Curriculum Maps

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