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Student art will take over Main Street May 19

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On Thursday, May 18, all Liberty High School held its annual academic Block L awards assembly. The purpose of the assembly is to acknowldge academic success in all subjects at all garde levels in the high school. The list below shows the students who received awards in various categories:

Mr. Timothy Hamblin                                  Outstanding Music Awards
Fred Waring Award for Chorus                     Leanna Zilles
John Philip Sousa Band Award                      Leanna Zilles
Louis Armstrong Jazz Award                         Thomas Clark
National School Chorus Award                      Thomas Clark
Patrick Gilmore Director's Award for Band     Alison DeFrank

Mr. Justen Mills                                            Outstanding Physical Education Students
9th Grade: Nichole Connol, Aaron Cutler
10th Grade: Abrielle Milling, Andrew Bendy, John DePaolo
11th Grade: Susan Kehrley, Tyler Hemion, Jeremy Male
12th Grade: Jacquline Perez-Cordero, Frank DeGroat
Aerobics - Personal Fitness: Kassidy DeGroat, Raeleigh Ranne
Advanced Personal Fitness: Maria Symanski, Joseph Jandik

Mr. Brad Molusky                                         Outstanding Health Students
Tracy Torrens, Michael Fritz

Mrs. Kath Johansen                                      Outstanding Art Students
Mrs. Jennifer Bull
Photography 1 - Gabriela Nolan
Photography 2 - Maria Symanski
Photography 3 - Jade Balser
Studio Art - Andralyn LaGattuta, Morgan Roth
Advanced Studio - Kristen Brooks
Ceramics - Jade Balser
Graphic Design - Lillian Rodriguez
Graphic Design 2 - Jonathan Wilson
Drawing and Painting - Maria Symanski
Drawing and Painting 2 - Naomi Fitzgerald
Video Production - Liang Ouyang
Video Production 2 - Ariana AuClair

Mrs. Julie Buck                                             Outstanding Social Studies Students
Global History and Geography 9 - Nicole Blais
Global History and Geography 10 - Paul Symanski
US History and Government - Morgan Van Keuren
College US History and Government - Jordan Russo
College Intro to Political Science - Maria Symanski, Leanna Zilles
Economics - Maria Symanski
Government - Joseph Jandik

Mr. Michael Hazelnis                                     Outstanding Science Students
Pre-Living Environment - Hilary Ortiz-Vega
Living Environment - Harsh Patel
Earth Science - Jarod Hellerer
Forensics - Priyaben Patel
Chemistry - Paul Symanski
Physics of Toys - Carl McGuire
Physics - Joseph Jandik
AP Biology - Jordan Russo

Mr. Daniel Hart                                             Outstanding Business Students
Accounting - Joseph Greco
Marketing - Cindy Diaz
Business Computer Applications - Maria Symanski
Career and Financial Management - Maria Symanski
Business Law - Daniela Mercado
Business Math - Maria Symanski, Harsh Patel

Ms. Michele Quick                                         Outstanding Spanish Students
 Spanish II - Brianna Roth
Spanish III - Sarah Kleinberger
Spanish IV - Olivia Racette
Spanish V - Tatiana Leveron Quintanilla

Mrs. Laurene McKenna                                 Outstanding Math Students
Pre-Algebra - Jadenn Perez
Algebra 1A - Wendy Mendoza
Algebra 1B - Kimberly Brengard
Algebra 1 - Joseph Call
Geometry - Brianna Roth
Algebra 2 - Harsh Patel
Advanced Algebra - Katharyn Conklin
Precalculus - Olivia Racette Calculus - Leanna Zilles
Math with Financial Application - Kateryna VanName

Mr. William Fleck                                            Outstanding English Students
9th Grade - Leah Fitzgerald, Gavin Racette
10th Grade - Benjamin Quackenbush
11th Grade - Ted-elijah Torres
Composition I - Leanna Zilles
Effective Writing - Allegra Ramirez
Cinema - Jordan Cherepanov
Speech - Gaetano Fontana
Advanced Placement English - Daniella Mercado

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